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New iPad Pro 12.9" 2021 Coming Soon

We're adding an iPad Pro 12.9" to our in house equipment. There are several uses for an iPad:

1. As a lightweight remote monitor for the photographer when placed on a stand using the Tether Tools X-Lock Adapter (included with the iPad hire), up to a distance of 10m from the laptop (or any distance with Wifi/5g access and Capture Pilot).

2. Can't travel to set? With the iPads ultra wide angle front camera we can set up live streaming in studio or location to view what's happening on set. Especially useful for clients, art directors, creative directors who missed their flight.

3. It can also be used by clients, stylists and makeup artists to view, tag and select images on the go, on set or on location, at any distance (when Wifi or 4/5G Connections are available). Want to scout for a location for the next shot while keeping an eye on the current shot? No problem.

4. Wacom tablets can be a hassle if you're not used to them, so with the Apple Pen (included with the iPad Hire) you can streamline retouching markups on set, for a quicker and more efficient workflow. Why do tomorrow what you can do today?

5. Uncomfortable camera angle? Use the iPad with Capture Pilot for remote shooting and viewing experience (up to a distance of 20m)

The iPad Pro Kit includes:

1x iPad Pro 12.9" 2021, WiFi 256GB (Photoshop, Capture Pilot, Zoom, Sun Seeker)

1x Apple Pencil

1x PowerBank 20k

1x Smart Keyboard Folio

1x MagEZ Case with X Lock Universal Connect Adapter

1x Tether Tools X Lock Connect

1x Manfrotto Tilted Multi Adapter Light-Tite

1x Manfroto Adapter 013

1x Light Master Stand

Get in touch for tailored packages!

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